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The pride of the Rätikon: the Schesaplana, 2.965m
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Strangely, the almost 1000m from the Douglasshütte to the Schesaplana summit are plain fun - most of all when there's still a substantial amount of snow. And at the top a very panoramic 360 degree view will await you. Enough snow provided, the descent is even more enjoyable: you can slide almost the whole way down to the Totalphütte on your bottom if you wish. A perfect day in the mountains!

Photos: The summit of the Schesaplana, sliding down from the summit ridge (bad quality..), Schesaplana seen from the Saulakopf
Rating: +++++ ascent: 985m Start: Douglasshütte, 1.976m
Destination: Schesaplana, 2.965m
Difficulty: med Hiking descent: 985m End: Douglasshütte Walking Time: total 5,0 hours, 1,5h to the Totalphütte, 1,5h to the Schesaplana. Descent 2,0h - or less :-).


For this tour you walk right, i.e. in a westward direction from the Douglasshütte along the shore of the Lünersee. 20min passed, you arrive at a signpost. From there you follow the trail on the right that slowly ascends towards the Totalpsee. The Totalphütte can hardly be missed as the equipment cable car will indicate the way. The Schesaplanasteig starts right behind the hut in a westward direction, ascending slowly in the first half. Finally, it gets steeper and will eventually lead you to a basin just 100m below the Schesaplana summit. Traverse the basin in an anticlockwise direction and get on the summit ridge with very little climbing at the last step below the ridge. Follow the ridge northwards (be aware of the cornices on your right) and reach the summit at 2.965m.
Descend on the way you took for the ascent. Conditions permitting, you can slide your way down, especially the steep slopes of the basin and the following part of the descent are a lot of fun. Crevasses and the like do not exist here, but remember there's a lake next to the Totalphütte....apart from this, rocks below the snow might ruin your pants. Decide on your own!
Classification: med, distance 10km
Base: Douglasshütte (seasonal) and Totalphütte (seasonal)
Marking: good, well marked trail, Schesaplanasteig yellow-red


e.g. Kompass Karte Nr.32, Bludenz Schruns Klostertal 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 72k

Travel Season:

early summer till autumn.


The tour can be extended from the summit via the Schesaplanasattel - Schweizersteig - Schesaplanahütte - Cavelljoch (Gafalljoch) - Lünersee - Douglasshütte. Reserve at least one and a half day for the whole tour (e.g. overnight stay in the Totalphütte).
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