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Saulakopf 2.517m - view to the Zimba
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From Brand you quickly gain 500 metres with the help of the Lünerseebahn. But from the Douglasshütte, it is quite a "Hatsch" to the top of the Saulakopf. Apart from this, from the summit you'll enjoy probably the best possible view on neighbouring Zimba (NE) and Drusenfluh, Sulzfluh and Kirchlispitzen with Lünersee in the South.

Photos: Lünersee with the Douglasshütte, View to the Drusenfluh, Saulakopf seen from the Saulajoch, View to the Seekopf, Trail to Saulajoch
Rating: +++++ ascent: 570m Start: Douglasshütte, 1.976m
Destination: Saulakopf, 2.517m
Difficulty: med, I Hiking descent: 570m End: Douglasshütte Walking Time: total 5,0 hours, 1,0h to the Saulajoch, 2,0h to the Saulakopf. Descent 2,0h.


Walk east on the dam of the Lünersee until you reach the signpost indicating the way towards Saulajoch. The trail can easily be seen and leads almost straight north. In some parts the trail is secured, but I wouldn't recommend to rely on this. After an hour you reach the broad Saulajoch, where you head east to the trail leading you north again to the Saulakopf. In the upper third, the trail is sometimes very exposed and takes you through a fantastic rocky landscape. Again, the dangerous parts are secured although the experienced hiker will rather depend on his feet and hands instead. With a little final hiking on the steep slopes of the top, the highest point is reached. Take your time and enjoy!
Descend on the way you took for the ascent. If you missed the last cable railway (which leaves 5:00 pm during summer), you don't have to ascend back to the dam and take the Böser Tritt. Alternatively, you can use a small, via ferrata like trail just below the dam's eastern end, which takes you right back to the Parking Lot.
Classification: med, distance 9km
Base: Douglasshütte (seasonal)
Marking: good, well marked trail


e.g. Kompass Karte Nr.32, Bludenz Schruns Klostertal 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 50k

Travel Season:

early summer till autumn.


The Saulakopf offers some easy climbing tours, too. Check the Alpenvereinsführer "Rätikon" for details.
Links: an example topo for the Saulakopf

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