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Into the famous Glen Nevis
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Glen Nevis is definitely a must see. No matter if you just want a short hike or want to stay a couple of nights there. The trail follows the River Nevis upstream through a wild gorge and leads to a big plain meadow where the famous Steall Falls can be seen. The further you follow the trail along the river, the more remote the Glen becomes and the wilder the mountains around it. If you really intend to follow the trail all the way, it will take you more than two days to the next road...

Photos: the King of the Glen - back on request!!, Ascent into the Glen - with Binnein Beag and Binnein Mor in the background, River Nevis, Cliffs at the riverside, Crossing the river with a wire bridge
Rating: +++++ ascent: 200m Start: Bus Stop at Achriabhach or Parking Lot at the end of the road Destination: depends on you...
Difficulty: low Hiking/ Trekking descent: 200m End: Bus Stop at Achriabhach or Parking Lot at the end of the road
Walking Time: Bus Stop-Wire Bridge total 3 hours, ascent 2h, descent 1h.


The bus will drop you off at a small bridge spanning the Nevis river. Follow the paved road further into the valley. After a couple of minutes you'll discover eventually climbers on your left hand side, the area is rather famous for beginners as well as for advanced climbers. After twenty minutes you'll reach a parking lot which marks the end of the road and the start of the trail. The trail leads you quickly into a beautiful forest, with River Nevis and it's magnificient gorge on your right. After an hour you'll reach the upper part of the Valley, the real Glen Nevis: Steallfalls in front of you, the famous wire bridge spanning the river, and the famous Marmore mountains to be climbed.
Base: none. Bring everything you might need for your trip
Marking: none, but the trail through the Glen is easy to follow.


e.g. Ordnance Survey Landranger Map #41 Ben Nevis, Fort William & Glen Coe 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 95k

Travel Season:

Spring till Autumn.


The surrounding mountain ranges, above all the Mamores, offer literally dozens of fine hill walks. Binnein Beag and Binnein Mor for example are a good choice. Due to the long walking distance to get there, you will enjoy hillwalking in this area the most if you brought a tent and a good sleeping bag with you.
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