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From Lluc to the Tomir
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The Tomir is the highest peak in the NE of the Tramuntana. The view from it is magnificent, especially to the east: the huge bays of Alcudia and Pollensa and the Cape of Formentor. The walk up there is probably the most strenous tour in some parts, but fun nonetheless. This tour includes everything and has even a slightly alpine character when you cross steep slopes of scree and climb some tall rocks with fixed ropes. And once you made it to the saddle that leads you to the summit plateau, one always thinks: that's the summit right in front of me....but once you reached it, you discover another, slightly higher peak behind it. A very enjoyable and short trip, especially with good weather conditions.

Photos: The Tomir seen from the west ridge, ascent on scree slopes, drop on the northern edge, view from the top to Formentor
Rating: +++++ ascent: 400m Start: Binifaldo bottling plant, 710m.
Destination: Tomir, 1.103m
Difficulty: med, II-III- Hiking descent: 400m End: Binifaldo bottling plant Walking Time: total 2,5 hours, Binifaldo-Coll 1hmin, Coll-Tomir 30min, descent 1h.


Right From the C710 Sóller-Pollensa, just past Lluc, you have to exit at KM 17,4 in direction to "Binifaldo - Menut". The road will take you after a long winding road to the bottling plant Binifaldo. At the parking place there, you'll notice a big wooden sign "Font". At the right side of the green metal gate to the bottling plant itself is whole in the fence and that's exactly where the trail starts. It takes you along the fence through the forest to a turn to the right, which is marked with red markings on rocks and stone cairns. Keep on following these markings along the serpentines. Eventually you'll leave the forest, cross the scree slopes and will find yourself on a rather steep trail over rocks, which is safeguarded at two points by fixed ropes (climbing III-). After 50 minutes or so you'll reach a saddle at 1.050m, where you'll have to turn left, NNE. At first, the trail will remain below the ridge but on the last third it will be on top of the summit ridge. Be aware of the rather huge 300m drop on your left, particularly during bad weather. The Tomir itself is marked with big pole, so you'll know when you are there. Enjoy the view :-)
Classification: some endurance required, slightly exposed in parts
Base: none
Marking: on the trail red markings on rocks and trees


e.g. freytag & berndt WKE1, Mallorca-Tramuntana 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:25.000) 45k

Travel Season:

late autumn till spring.


Accommodation is available in the Monastery of Lluc.
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