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Onto the most active volcano in Europe
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The Stromboli is probably one of the most famous volcanoes due its constant activity. In ancient times it was used as a natural lighthouse, in the last century Ingrid Bergmann and Roberto Rosselini shot their famous movie here and today it is a main attraction for the Sicily visitor. The ongoing eruptions of Stromboli have two advantages: the volcano is rather harmless, as the pressure inside remains low. And it is a guarantee to see volcanic eruptions live.
The path that leads you to the Pizzo is most of the time easy to walk on. But remember, you have to ascend 900m, which will always be exhausting if you are not used to it. Once you arrived at the Pizzo, you'll be on some sort of balcony 200m away from the active craters of Stromboli and can watch it safely - together with some dozens of other tourists.
Inquire locally if the conditions are ok for this tour before you start. Stromboli is somehow interconnected to Etna and if the latter erupts, Stromboli's activity will be a lot higher, too.

Photos: Eruption during sunset, the ascent to Stromboli, the village of Stromboli
Rating: +++++ ascent: 880m Start: Chiesa di San Vicenza, 50m
Destination: Pizzo, 918m
Difficulty: low Hiking descent: 880m End: San Vicenza Walking Time: total 3,5 hours, 0,5h to the lighthouse, 1,5h to the top. Descent 1,5h via the Rocazza to San Vicenza.


Walk from the Chiesa di San Vicenza (centre of the village) towards the Chiesa di San Bartolo on the main road. From there walk to the end of the village Piscità, where the paved road ends and becomes a sand road. Follow the serpentines until you reach the Semaforo (the lighthouse). From there a good trail takes you through the reed. After a couple of serpentines the trail gets steeper and follows the N-ridge towards the top. The Pizzo is a big plateau where you can sit down and enjoy the spectacular eruptions from the craters below you.
For the descent take the trail that leads from the plateau to the south and turn at the intersection to the east. The trail can be seen easily in the ashes, but don't leave it anyway, because e.g. close to the Rocazza you might drop a couple of hundred metres. So simply stay on the trail, it is safe and a lot of fun, because you can almost slide it down through the soft ashes. The last half of the trail takes you again through a reed "forest" and finally spits you out on a road that takes you back to San Vicenza again.

Classification: low, distance 17km. Carry enough water (or wine :-) with you.
Base: none
Marking: the trail is marked in parts and is easy to follow. For a descent at night carry a flashlight and/or a headlamp with you.


e.g."Discovering the island of Stromboli" by Vincenzo Moreno & Denis P. Demoriane
Map of the tour (1:????) 198k

Travel Season:

all year


You should descend rather late so that you arrive at the Pizzo during sunset. It can get quite cold up there during the night, so bring warm (really warm) clothes with you. If you dig a little, you'll reach nice warm grounds quickly - very cozy to sit in :-)

- GVP-USGS - Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
- general info by Boris Behnke
- Webcam Stromboli - Sorveglianza Visiva
- pages by Stromboli Online
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