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The Isle of Mull - Trekking under Ben More
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The Isle of Mull has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, other than neighbouring Skye. When you arrive in Craignure from Oban, you will be surprised to find almost nothing. And if you are lucky to catch a bus that brings you to Glen More, the silence and remoteness will be astonishing. If you decide not to follow the trail from the north to Ben More but try to find your own way from S, you will learn a lot about wetness and literally soaking wet, sponge like highlands -- no matter how high you've ascended. On the other hand, already after a two hour walk away from the road you will be cut off anything humanmade. It will just be you, deer, sheep, hills and the sky. Nowhere in Scotland did I experience so much silence and natural beauty - except from the RAF jets, which will fly over your head every once in a while.

Photos: Basecamp on Mull, Glen Clachaig, "the Valley of Rohan" :-) , On top of A'Chioch
Rating: +++++ ascent: 550m, +320m A'Chioch Start: Intersection A849 and B8035 at Aird of Kinloch (sea level). Destination: A'Chioch
Difficulty: med, I-II Trekking descent: 550m End: Salen (sea level)
Walking Time: Reserve at least two days. Intersection-Creac Mhic Fhionntaidh (332m) 8h, descent 5h till Knock.


Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the intersection and head east between the two rivers and keep Ben More always on your lefthandside. When you reach the Col, be careful not to drop over the very steep edge which can be hard to see in dim light or bad weather. Follow the edge E where you will find a regular trail leading you into Glen Clachaig (the trail ain't better than walking cross country when you compare the walking conditions, but it gives you some orientation). After crossing the river (wherever it is suitable) you will eventually reach a gravel road that leads you along Loch Ba to Knock. There at least a Post Bus operates regularly.
Base: none
Marking: none, make sure you have proper maps, an altimeter and a compass with you.


e.g. Ordnance Survey Landranger Map #48 Iona, West Mull & Ulva 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 110k

Travel Season:

Spring till Autumn, but be aware of storms anyway. In the "hot" summer months midges will be a plague. Don't travel shortly after prolonged periods of rain...


The water on Mull looks very clean, but keep in mind that sheep are all over the island. So cook, filter and/or treat it before you drink it. And: leave a note with someone in Craignure or Salen, so that Rescue Personal knows where to look for you in case you got lost or are injured. Mobile Phones will not work up there.
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