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Onto the second highest peak on the island: the Massanella
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The Massanella is probably the most interesting mountain tour I made in Mallorca. Although it is very "civilized" in its lower parts, the tour offers a big variety of walking conditions and is in spite of its length never dull. As Puig Major is not open to public, the Massanella offers also the best view available on the island and, due to its height, quite some snow during wintertime. If you have to choose, choose the Massanella!

Photos: View from the summit towards Puig Major, the drop at the northern edge, the Avenc below the summit, the ascent on the Pla de Sa Neu
Rating: +++++ ascent: 780m Start: Gas station on the PM223, 579m.
Destination: Massanella, 1.352m
Difficulty: med, I-II Hiking descent: 780m End: Gas station Walking Time: total 3,5 hours, Gas station-Finca Coma Freda 20min, Coma Freda-Coll de Coma Freda 45min, Coll-Pla de Sa Neu 45min, Pla de sa Neu-Massanella 20min, descent 1,3h.


At the intersection C710-PM223 follow the latter hundred metres towards Inca to the gas station. Walk on over the bridge an leave the PM223 at the big gate on your right (signpost "Caimari"). Follow the road and after 5min you come to an intersection where you have to turn right sharply (wooden sign on a tree "Massanella"). Walk on until you come to a closed gate, where probably the land owner is already waiting for you to charge a fee "to preserve the wilderness", approximately 4 euros. Now follow the road and watch out for arrows and other markings at a small intersection: take the left road and follow the red markings, sometimes the road will be shortcut by small trails. Finally you will reach a broad saddle, the Coll de Coma Freda (1.030m) with two stone signs indicating the directions to Mancor, Lluc and Puig. Follow the latter to the right up the mountain side.
After approximately 15min you'll reach another signpost "Font y Puig" and "Puig y Font". Both ways bring you to the top, but it is easier to follow the latter and use the former for your return (that's the way I describe it here). After another 30min you arrive at the Pla de Sa Neu, the "snow plateau". On this plateau it can be hard to find your way during bad weather, but good weather conditions provided, you can find your own way up. It has one advantage if you try to follow the stone cairns and red dots: you will notice another stone signpost where the two trails "Puig y Font" (that's where you're on) and "Font y Puig" (that's the way for the descent) meet. So remember that stone or try to find it on your descent. Anyway, from there it is just ten more minutes to the top (the peak straight north from the stone is the Massanella). Be careful on the summit, as there's a huge drop of more than 200m at the north edge and right below the summit pole is big hole of approx. 10m depth (I think a hole like this is called "Avenc"), which can easily be overseen if it is foggy.
For the descent, choose the trail marked with "Font" at the stone signpost south of the summit. The trail will loose height quickly and will lead you over rugged limestone formations on your way down. After 15min you will probably arrive at a small sand place with stairs heading downwards into the mountain. This is the Font de S'Avenc which you can explore easily if you brought a flashlight. The water is - during winter time - usually good enough to drink. From the fountain, the trail remains pretty much at the same altitude and will reunite with the other trail after another 10min. Now follow the way downwards you used before to ascend.
Classification: low, distance 13km
Base: none
Marking: unpaved road, then red dots on rocks and trees and on the summit plateau stone cairns


e.g. freytag & berndt WKE1, Mallorca-Tramuntana 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 43k

Travel Season:

autumn till spring.


At the Coll de Coma Freda you can alternatively descend in direction to Mancor and can stay - if you reserved in advance - either in the Refugi Tossals Verds (540m) or the Refugi Antonio Caimari (750m). Both are fine starting points for further hiking trips in the Tramuntana mountains.
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