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Seldom but true: A mountain with the warranty to enjoy it on your own!
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The Kristallwand is one of the dominant peaks around the Neue Prager Hütte. Fortunately, the alpinists visiting the area rather prefer the famous Grossvenediger and the Schwarze Wand and/or the Rainerhorn for a visit. Due to this, the Kristallwand is very seldomly visited, our group has been the first to visit in 2002 when we came there in the middle of June! Objectively, the access to the Kristallwand is in parts a little difficult and can be dangerous: traversing the Schlatenkees southwards brings you in close contact with many big crevasses and the ascent is in parts as steep as 40 degrees. But this shouldn't mean an obstacle to the experienced and well equipped alpinist....

Photos: The ascent route to the Kristallwand, the summit, the Kristallwand seen from the NPH, the view to the NPH (the orange dot), view towards the Kleinvenediger
Rating: +++++ ascent: 550m Start: Neue Prager Hütte, 2.796m
Destination: Kristallwand, 3.310m
Difficulty: low, F+ (G3) Alpine descent: 550m End: Neue Prager Hütte Walking Time: total 3,5 hours, 2,0h to the summit. Descent 1,5h


Even more than for the tour to the Grossvenediger you should start this tour early, although it is a lot shorter. The part below the Schwarze Wand is characterized by big crevasses covered by rather instable snow and by the danger of rock and ice fall. The following steep slope is only safe while the snow is still crisp and cold. Anyway, once you've climbed this slope, the following part of the route is a lot easier and leads you in a big circle below the Hoher Zaun via the Äusserer Mullwitzkees to the SW-ridge of the Kristallwand, which will usually be rather cornice-free. A final easy ascent to the top and you might be the first to sign the summit log for the last couple of weeks.
Descend on the way you took for the ascent, but be aware now that snow conditions might have dramatically changed on the Schlatenkees!
Classification: med, distance 8km
Base: Neue Prager Hütte (seasonal)
Marking: usually no trail available, you'll have to prepare it yourself - bring a map and a compass!


e.g. Kompass Karte Nr.46, Matrei in Osttirol, Kals am Grossglockner 1:50.000 or AV-Karte Nr. 36, 1:25.000
Map of the tour (1:25.000) 115k

Travel Season:

summer till autumn.


From the summit you can descend SE towards the Badener Hütte (2.608m).
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