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Lago di Goletta - touching the glaciers
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This tour is very nice as a "warm-up" tour before you start exploring higher parts of the Gran Paradiso National Park. As you follow the river, you will have plenty of spots where you can rest and enjoy the scenery. Once you started to ascend to the lake from the Rifugio, the vegetation quickly changes and the trail will test your endurance. But once you've made it to the ridge, you will be rewarded with the unspoiled beauty of higher alpine areas. The ensemble of lake, glacier and snow covered mountain peaks is awesome and - weather and time permitting - ideal to stay for a couple of hours.

Photo: On the way to Rifugio Benevolo
Rating: +++++ ascent: 800m Start: Thumel, 1.879m, at the end of the Rhemes Valley.
Destination: Lago di Goletta, 2.700m
Difficulty: med, I Hiking descent: 800m End: Thumel Walking Time: total 5,5 hours, Thumel-Rifugio 1,5h, Rifugio-Lago 2h, descent 2h.


From the parking lot in Thumel walk straight on towards the valley, passing two waterfalls next to the trail. At the end of the valley you will reach the road again. Follow the road to cross the river with a bridge and shortcut the serpentines at their right side, seen from walking direction. Follow the yellow marks to the Rifugio Benevolo (1,5h). From there follow the right trail towards Col Bassac Dere/L. di Goletta (marked 13d), past Alpe des Soches. From there on, the trail gets steeper and leads you up to the ridge through countless serpentines. When you reached the top, follow the trail SW into the valley through the glaciers' moraines. After a couple of hundred metres you will see the lake below the Goletta glacier (3,5h passed).
Classification: moderate, good endurance required
Base: Rifugio Benevolo, 2.285m (seasonal)
Marking: yellow, 13d from the Rifugio (towards Col Bassac Dere)


e.g. IGC Map #3 Gran Paradiso 1:50.0000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 136k

Travel Season:

summer till early autumn.


In case the Rifugio is closed, carry at least 1.5 litres of water and some food with you.
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