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Glen Coe: into the Lost Valley
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Glen Coe is one of the top tourist attractions in the Western Highlands. The A82 running right through makes it easy -- too easy -- to get there. No surprise, that the "Hidden" Valley is visited by dozens of hikers and hillwalkers each day. But there are good reasons to visit the valley, too: almost ideal proportions, rugged mountain ranges enframing it, a magnificient trail and various Munros to be visited from there. When the last sun rays find their way to valley the tourist masses are ebbing away and those who have brought a tent will enjoy a night in a valley which has preserved its wild beauty and the scent of history.

Photos: Rock in the river bed, Looking westwards into Glen Coe , Two of the "three sisters"
Rating: +++++ ascent: 300m Start: Parking Lots on A82 at The Meeting of the Three Waters, 160m Destination: Hidden Valley, 380m
Difficulty: low, I-II Hiking descent: 300m End: Parking Lots on A82 at The Meeting of the Three Waters, 160m
Walking Time: total 2,5 hours, A82-Lake 1,5h, descent 1h (through the dried out upper parts of the river bed.


From the parking lots, the trail can be discovered very easily. When you get to the river you will have to cross a small bridge and will afterwards have to climb a big rock (easy). From there on, the way winds up the mountain slope on the right river side. After an hour walk you will have to cross the river again (pray that it didn't rain much on the days before your tour :-) and from there on it is just a quick climb to the valley
Base: none
Marking: none, but the trail can hardly be missed.


e.g. Ordnance Survey Landranger Map #48 Iona, West Mull & Ulva 1:50.000
Map of the tour (1:50.000) 110k

Travel Season:

Spring till Autumn


If you bring enough time, endurance, a map and some basic climbing skills, you can climb the Munros at the southern end of the valley. Another alternative is to start your trip in the neighbouring valley on the west (the trail can be hard to find) and to descent into the Hidden Valley from the saddle on Bidean Nam Bian.
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